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Zoroark - Doodle
I felt like drawing a Zoroark, so this is my results! I tried working on my shading and lighting, I pat myself on the back because I like it!
I might make this into a character…Hmmm…Maybe.

Zoroark - Doodle

I felt like drawing a Zoroark, so this is my results! I tried working on my shading and lighting, I pat myself on the back because I like it!

I might make this into a character…Hmmm…Maybe.



"I cry like everyone else, just that I don’t show how I truly feel sometimes…Is that bad?"

Anonymous said: "Some nerve!?" said the shiny Charizard wearing the Green Ranger's Dragon Shield before picking up Hazardous and saying "Listen, bub! The name's Hydragreen, and I intend to find out who gave me the powers of the Green Ranger and make whoever did it pay for trying to take over my mind!" Hydragreen glared at Hazardous and Mega Evolved into a shiny Mega Charizard X.

Hazardous had his back turned to Hydragreen, using his tail to push his claw away that was trying to pick him up. Looking over his shoulder not seeming to show much surprise of his transformation into his Mega form.

"If I knew of such a thing, maybe I would have tried to end you here and now for knowing. But since I don’t. I won’t." He released a snort, not liking to be blamed for something that wasn’t his doing.

"You should be flattered. Someone trying to take over your mind. They probably find you most useful." He chuckled. "Since I no longer serve the one you mentioned earlier. I’m free…"

Hazardous lets out a slight yawn, turning to face Hydragreen. Crossing his arms over his chest. “The only thing I can do is give MY suggest is that you, Hydragreen. That you should try looking more into the matter. Clues and ask around. Not yelling out of the blue like you’ve done with me.” He shrugs his shoulders.

"If you continue your ways of finding who did this to you. You’ll either get yourself killed or nothing at all."

silver-atlas said: "Nah it's nothin' really. Just thought ya might be interested in hearin' me actually sing since uh, ya know, most mons don't 'fink I can sing at all wit' this stupid as hell voice heheh..." *Smoke laughs nervously but he's interrupted by Noodle strumming her guitar, signalling she's ready* "ahem, well uh, sit down against thee otha side of the tree then when ya ready." *Smoke says while standing next to Noodle and reclining against the tree*

"No, it means a lot to me. So I thank you." Autumn said with a smile. Ear twitching to hear the strum of the guitar that was made from Noodle.

"But every voice has its own surprises, yes?" She said while laughing a bit before walking over to the opposite side of the tree. Taking a seat by the tree, leaning her back against it to get comfortable.

"Ready, when you are." She replied. Closing her eyes awaiting the song to begin.

Anonymous said: A shiny Charizard wearin the Green Ranger's Dragon Shield approaches Hazardous and shows him a gold power coin with the Green Ranger symbol on one side and the Mega Evolution symbol on the other side. "You! I got this coin and its powers when a green energy beam hit me and tried to take over my mind! Did your master Mewtwo have anything to do with it? Don't lie to me!" the Charizard said.

Hazardous was laying down in front of the entrance of his cave that he claimed as his home. Letting out a steam of smoke through his nostrils in relaxation. Before rudely disturbed by the Shiny Charizard that approached him.

"I knew it wouldn’t have lasted." Hazardous complained to himself, before raising up onto his feet. "Now." He opened his eye that narrowed down at the Shiny Charizard. "You got some nerve to come here, yell at me when I nothing to do with…him." Hazardous said lowering his voice slightly.

"I suggest you point your claw at someone else." Hazardous snorts before turning around slowly, entering inside the cave.

Anonymous said: are any of your characters single?

(O.O.C): I got many more character to join this blog of mine, mwahah!

Autumn (Typhlosion): Taken.

Hazardous (Clone Charizard): Single.

stunter101 said: *peels off the anon mask* surprise! I was the anon that used anon magic to poof you to gender swapped version. Hope this wasn't a bad experience for you Autumn. ^^"

bloggertyphlosion said: Wait, I said your name wrong? Argh! Sakramentsky! I'm so sorry, ospravedlňujem sa. I won't mess up next time.

"Its pronounced Autumn." She said with a smile. "Nesijaudinkite apie tai , everyone makes mistakes. Just glad you didn’t call me any other name, heh.”

askteamtrojanhorse said: Guilmon: *walks in and leaves a tray of cookies* my tamer said I could share these with miss typhlosion!


(Autumn’s reaction)

"Thank you! Tell your tamer that I also said thanks!" Autumn purred while taking a cookie off the tray. "Mmmm~!"